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Everyone Is Smart Except Trump

Dov Fischer

July 18, 2018, 12:05 am

That’s why they all are billionaires and all got elected president.

It really is quite simple. Everyone is smart except Donald J. Trump. That’s why they all are billionaires and all got elected President. Only Trump does not know what he is doing. Only Trump does not know how to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. Anderson Cooper knows how to stand up to Putin. The whole crowd at MSNBC does. All the journalists do.

They could not stand up to Matt Lauer at NBC. They could not stand up to Charlie Rose at CBS. They could not stand up to Mark Halperin at NBC. Nor up to Leon Wieseltier at the New Republic, nor Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, nor Michael Oreskes at NPR, at the New York Times, or at the Associated Press. But — oh, wow! — can they ever stand up to Putin! Only Trump is incapable of negotiating with the Russian tyrant.

Remember the four years when Anderson Cooper was President of the United States? And before that — when the entire Washington Post editorial staff jointly were elected to be President? Remember? Neither do I.

The Seedier Media never have negotiated life and death, not corporate life and death, and not human life and death. They think they know how to negotiate, but they do not know how. They go to a college, are told by peers that they are smart, get some good grades, proceed to a graduate degree in journalism, and get hired as analysts. Now they are experts, ready to take on Putin and the Iranian Ayatollahs at age 30.

That is not the road to expertise in tough dealing. The alternate road is that, along the way, maybe you get forced into some street fights. Sometimes the other guy wins, and sometimes you beat the intestines out of him. Then you deal with grown-ups as you mature, and you learn that people can be nasty, often after they smile and speak softly. You get cheated a few times, played. And you learn. Maybe you become an attorney litigating multi-million-dollar case matters. Say what you will about attorneys, but those years — not the years in law school, not the years drafting legal memoranda, but the years of meeting face-to-face and confronting opposing counsel — those years can teach a great deal. They can teach how to transition from sweet, gentle, diplomatic negotiating to tough negotiating. At some point, with enough tough-nosed experience, you figure out Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” yourself.

Trump’s voters get him because not only is he we, but we are he. We were not snowflaked-for-life by effete professors who themselves never had negotiated tough life-or-death serious deals. Instead we live in the real world, and we know how that works. Not based on social science theories, not based on “conceptual negotiating models.” But based on the people we have met over life and always will hate. That worst boss we ever had. The coworker who tried to sabotage us. We know the sons of bums whom we survived, the dastardly types who are out there, and we learned from those experiences how to deal with them. We won’t have John Kerry soothe us by having James Taylor sing “You’ve Got a Friend” carols.

The Bushes got us into all kinds of messes. The first one killed the economic miracle that Reagan had fashioned. The second one screwed up the Middle East, where Iraq and Iran beautifully were engaged in killing each other for years, and he got us mired into the middle of the muddle. Clinton was too busy with Monica Lewinsky to protect us from Osama bin Laden when we had him in our sights. Hillary gave us Benghazi and more. And Obama and Kerry gave us the Iran Deal, ISIS run amok, America in retreat. All to the daily praise of a media who now attack Trump every minute of every day.

So let us understand a few things:

Negotiating with NATO:

NATO is our friend. They also rip off America. They have been ripping us off forever. We saved their butts — before there even was a NATO — in World War I. They messed up, and 116,456 Americans had to die to save their butts. Then they messed up again for the next two decades because West Europeans are effete and so obsessed with their class manners and their rules of savoir-faire and their socialist welfare states and their early retirements that they did not have the character to stand up to Hitler in the 1930s. Peace in our time.  So they messed up, and we had to save their butts again. And another 405,399 Americans died for them during World War II. And then we had to rebuild them! And we had to station our boys in Germany and all over their blood-stained continent. So, hey, we love those guys. We love NATO.

And yet they still rip us off. We pay 4% of our gigantic gross domestic product to protect them, and they will not pay a lousy 2% of their GDP towards their own defense. Is there a culture more penny-pinching-cheap-and-stingy than the fine constituents of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? These cheap baseborn prigs will not pay their fare. They are too cheap. They expect America to send boys to die for them in one world war, then another — hundreds of thousands — and then to pay for their NATO defense even a century later.

And then they have the temerity to cheat us further in trade. Long before Trump, they set up tariffs against us for so many things. If the average American knew how badly Europe has been ripping us off for decades with their tariffs, no one in this country would buy anything European again. We would say, as a matter of self-respect and personal pride, “I no longer will buy anything but American, no matter what it costs.”

Every American President has complained about the cheating and imbalance — the NATO penny-pinching-cheapness, the tariff and trade imbalances. In more recent years, the various Bushes complained about it. Even Obama complained about it. But they all did it so gently, so diplomatically. They would deliver the sermon, just as the pastor predictably tells the church-goers on Sunday morning that he is against sin, and the Europeans would sit quietly and nod their heads — nodding from sleeping, not from agreeing — and then they would go back out and sin some more. Another four years of America being suckered and snookered. All they had to do was give Obama a Nobel Peace Prize his ninth month in office and let Kerry ride his bike around Paris.

So Trump did what any effective negotiator would do: he took note of past approaches to NATO and their failures, and correctly determined that the only way to get these penny-pinching-cheap baseborn prigs to pay their freight would be to bulldoze right into their faces, stare them right in their glazed eyes with cameras rolling, and tell them point-blank the equivalent of: “You are the cheapest penny-pinching, miserly, stingy, tightwadded skinflints ever. And it is going to stop on my watch. Whatever it takes from my end, you selfish, curmudgeonly cheap prigs, you are going to pay your fair share. I am not being diplomatic. I am being All-Business: either you start to pay or, wow, are you in for some surprises! And you know what you read in the Fake News: I am crazy! I am out of control! So, lemme see. I know: We will go to trade war! How do you like that? Maybe we even will pull all our troops out of Europe. Hmmm. Yeah, maybe. Why not? Sounds good. Well, let’s see.”

So Trump stuffed it into their quiche-and-schnitzel ingesting faces. And he convinced them — thanks to America’s Seedier Media who are the real secret to the “Legend That is Trump” — that he just might be crazy enough to go to trade war and to pull American boys home. They knew that Clinton and Bush x 2 and Kerry and Hillary and Nobel Laureate Obama never would do it. But they also know that Trump just might. And if they think they are going to find comfort and moderating in his new advisers, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, alongside him….


So CNN and the Washington Post and all the Seedier Media attacked Trump for days: He is destroying the alliance! He attacks our friends!

Baloney. Obama was the one whom the Left Echo Chamber… Chamber… Chamber never called out for attacking our friends — Israel, Britain, so many others — while cozying up to Hugo Chavez, bowing to dictators, and dancing the tango for Raul Castro. Trump is just the opposite: He knows who the friends are, and he wants to maintain and strengthen those friendships. It is no different from a parent telling a 35-year-old son: “I have been supporting you for thirty-five years. I put you through college by signing four years and $100,000 in PLUS Loans. You graduated college fifteen years ago. For fifteen years I have been asking you nicely to look for a job and to start contributing. Instead, you sit home all day playing video games, texting your friends on a smartphone I pay for, and picking little fuzz balls out of your navel. So, look, I love you. You are my flesh and blood. But if you are not employed and earning a paycheck — and contributing to the cost of this household — in six months, we are throwing you out of the house.” That boy is NATO. Trump is Dad. And all of us have been signing for the PLUS Loans.

Negotiating with Putin

Putin is a bad guy. A really bad guy. He is better than Lenin. Better than Stalin, Khrushchev, Kosygin, Brezhnev, Pol Pot, Mao. But he is a really bad guy.

Here’s the thing: Putin is a dictator. He answers to no one. He does whatever he wants. If there arises an opponent, that guy dies. Maybe the opponent gets poked with a poisoned umbrella. Maybe he gets shot on the street. Maybe the opponent is forced to watch Susan Rice interviews telling the world that Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video seen by nine derelicts in Berkeley and that Bowe Berghdal served with honor and distinction. But, one way or another, the opponent dies.

Trump knows this about Putin. And here is what that means:

If you insult Putin in public, like by telling the newsmedia just before or after meeting with him that he is the Butcher of Crimea, and he messed with our elections, and is an overall jerk — then you will get nothing behind closed doors from Putin. Putin will decide “To heck with you, and to heck with the relationship we just forged.” Putin will get even, will take intense personal revenge, even if it is bad for Russia — even if it is bad for Putin. Because there are no institutional reins on him.

But if you go in public and tell everyone that Putin is a nice guy (y’know, just like Kim Jong Un) and that Putin intensely maintains that he did not mess with elections — not sweet little Putey Wutey (even though he obviously did) — then you next can maintain the momentum established beforehand in the private room. You can proceed to remind Putin what you told him privately: that this garbage has to stop — or else. That if he messes in Syria, we will do “X.” If he messes with our Iran boycott, we will do “Y.” We will generate so much oil from hydraulic fracturing and from ANWR and from all our sources that we will glut the market — if not tomorrow, then a year from now. We will send even more lethal offensive military weapons to Ukraine. We can restore the promised shield to Eastern Europe that Obama withdrew. And even if we cannot mess with Russian elections (because they have no elections), they do have computers — and, so help us, we will mess with their technology in a way they cannot imagine. Trump knows from his advisers what we can do. If he sweet-talks Putin in public — just Putin on the Ritz — then everything that Trump has told Putin privately can be reinforced with action, and he even can wedge concessions because, against that background, Putin knows that no one will believe that he made any concessions. Everyone is set to believe that Putin is getting whatever he wants, that Trump understands nothing. So, in that setting, Putin can make concessions and still save face.

That is why Trump talks about him that way. And that is the only possible way to do it when negotiating with a tyrant who has no checks and balances on him. If you embarrass the tyrant publicly, then the tyrant never will make concessions because he will fear that people will say he was intimidated and backed down. And that he never will do. Meanwhile, Trump has expelled 60 Russians from America, reversed Obama policy and sent lethal weapons to Ukraine, and is pressing Germany severely on its pipeline project with Russia.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Donald Trump is over seventy years old. He has made many mistakes in his life. He still makes some. He is human. But Trump likewise has spent three score and a dozen years learning. He has seen some of his businesses go bankrupt, and he has learned from those experiences to be a billionaire and not let it happen again. No doubt that he has been fooled, outsmarted in years past. And he has learned from life.

 He is a tough and smart negotiator. He sizes up his opponent, and he knows that the approach that works best for one is not the same as for another. It does not matter what he says publicly about his negotiating opponent. What matters is what results months later. In his first eighteen months in Washington, this man has turned around the American economy, brought us near full employment, reduced the welfare and food stamp lines, wiped out ISIS in Raqqa, moved America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem, successfully has launched massive deregulation of the economy, has opened oil exploration in ANWR, is rebuilding the military massively, has walked out of the useless Paris Climate Accords that were negotiated by America’s amateurs who always get snookered, canned the disastrous Iran Deal, exited the bogus United Nations Human Rights Council. He has Canada and Mexico convinced he will walk out of NAFTA if they do not pony up, and he has the Europeans convinced he will walk out of NATO if they don’t stop being the cheap and lazy parasitic penny-pinchers they are. He has slashed income taxes, expanded legal protections for college students falsely accused of crimes, has taken real steps to protect religious freedoms and liberties promised in the First Amendment, boldly has taken on the lyme-disease-quality of a legislative mess that he inherited from Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama on immigration, and has appointed a steady line of remarkably brilliant conservative federal judges to sit on the district courts, the circuit appellate courts, and the Supreme Court.

What has Anderson Cooper achieved during that period? Jim Acosta or the editorial staffs of the New York Times and Washington Post? They have not even found the courage and strength to stand up to the coworkers and celebrities within their orbits who abuse sexually or psychologically or emotionally. They have no accomplishments to compare to his. Just their effete opinions, all echoing each other, all echoing, echoing, echoing. They gave us eight years of Nobel Peace Laureate Obama negotiating with the ISIS JV team, calming the rise of the oceans, and healing the planet.

We will take Trump negotiating with Putin any day.

Derek Richard Moorhead
Derek Richard Moorhead
July 30, 1968 - July 17, 2018

Derek R. Moorhead, age 49, of Raymore, Missouri, passed away at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas on July 17, 2018. A Celebration of Life will be held starting at 5:30 p.m., Monday, July 30, at Centerview, 227 Municipal Circle, Raymore, MO 64083.

Memorial contributions may be given to the Missouri Puppy Mill Rescue (

Derek was born on July 30, 1968, in Tachikawa, Japan. He was the son of Richard Wayne Moorhead and Norine Iennaccaro.

On May 29, 1993, Derek married Tasha Kovich. Together, Derek and Tasha shared over twenty-five years of marriage.

Derek obtained his Juris Doctorate in 1996 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Right after school, he clerked for the Honorable Judge Harold Lowenstein at the Missouri Court of Appeals. Derek spent his work life as an attorney, professor and politician. He started a boutique firm, Larsen Moorhead LLC, in 1999 with a fellow law school classmate.  Musson, Moorhead and Rank, LLC, followed in 2003. He then worked at UMKC as an academic advisor before opening his own private practice. In January 2015, Derek became the Chief Executive Auditor for Cass County, MO.

Derek taught classes and led mock-trial teams at Avila University, Webster University, UMKC, Kansas State University and Washburn University. While being an attorney was his bread and butter, Derek’s passion truly was teaching. His students held a special place in his heart. He learned just as much from them as they did from him. Many of them he called friends to this day.

Derek also thoroughly enjoyed politics. He took a lot of pride in working on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. This led to him helping with many local campaigns, especially in the roles of treasurer and advisor. After moving to Raymore 2010, he became involved in the planning and zoning commission, and then was elected to the City Council in 2013. He held this office for five years, also becoming the Mayor Pro Tem in 2015. Derek was designated by the MO Municipal Leagues as a Certified Municipal Official. He also was selected by the City of Raymore as a Civic Leader for 2018. As a telling story as to how Derek approached politics, whenever constituents voiced a concern, he would show up in person at their front door to discuss the issue. He cared about his community deeply.

Derek dearly loved spending time with his wife Tasha, daughter Rebecca and son Mark. Some of his personal pursuits and enjoyments included:  Bloom County, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Comicon, English soccer, the Tour de France, baseball games, football, sports cards and running errands on the weekend as a family.  

He was preceded in death by his brother, Mark Moorhead.

Derek is survived by his father, Richard Wayne Moorhead; mother, Norine Iennaccaro; wife, Tasha Moorhead; daughter, Rebecca Moorhead and son, Mark Moorhead.

Arrangements: Cullen Funeral Home, Raymore, MO. 816.322.5278


This article originally published by The Missouri Times

Audit discovery leads to attorney general filing public corruption charges
By Alisha Shurr July 19, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Discoveries made during an ongoing audit of a municipality in Wayne County has led the Missouri’s Attorney General Office to file public corruption charges against the former Greenville City Clerk.

Felony criminal charges have been filed against Pamela S. Birmingham alleging she misappropriated more than $150,000 as City Clerk and forged an entry in the city’s check disbursement log. 

“There is no place for public corruption in Missouri,” Attorney General Josh Hawley said. “My office will vigorously prosecute those who attempt to skirt Missouri law for personal benefit.”

At the request of the Attorney General’s Office, the State Auditor’s Office — lead by Nicole Galloway — conducted an audit of the City of Greenville. The audit is still ongoing and a report will be publicly released at a later date.

The investigation discovered that Birmingham unlawfully paid herself at least $150,772.00, nearly bankrupting the city. Birmingham, who was employed by the City of Greenville between January 2014 and April 2016, allegedly wrote herself several checks, without proper authorization, out of various bank accounts owned by the city.

“I am dedicated to working with law enforcement to hold corrupt public officials accountable,” said Galloway. “I appreciate the attention to this issue in asking for my office’s assistance and expertise in forensic auditing, which led to today’s charges. We will continue to work with the Highway Patrol and Attorney General to ensure justice for taxpayers in Greenville.”

The Attorney General’s Public Corruption Team is prosecuting this case with assistance of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Missouri State Auditor’s Office.

It is my honor to invite you to a luncheon reception with President Donald J. Trump. Our fundraising event will be held on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri.
The President is coming to Missouri to stand with us in defeating Claire McCaskill. McCaskill has worked, at every turn, against President Trump’s agenda. She has failed to secure the border. She voted against a highly qualified and good man in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. She’s voted to burden our family farms and businesses with outrageous regulations. And she voted against the tax cuts that have put money back in the pockets of working Missourians. 
Time and again, McCaskill sides with liberal elites like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. It is time for that to change — but we need your help!
I hope you will join Erin and me for this special event. If you cannot attend, we hope you will send a contribution to help us take our message to the people of Missouri and remind them that Claire McCaskill does not represent our values.
To RSVP or for more information please contact: Nick McGeehon at 636-778-1200 X 103 or email
We look forward to seeing you on July 24!
TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2018


Hawley Victory Committee
PO Box 902
Chesterfield, MO 63006
 Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, foreign nationals, and federal government contractors are prohibited.

We Salute Missouri Agriculture

As you may know, the 2018 Missouri State Fair is just a short month away, and we need your help! Team MOGOP is looking for volunteers at the Governor’s Ham Breakfast for this year’s Fair. 

Claire McCaskill has been obstructing Donald Trump and his America First Agenda since DAY ONE. 

We need YOUR help to show Claire that rural Missouri stands with our President.
What we need: Volunteers to welcome guests to the Ham Breakfast by holding signs for our State Auditor and US Senate candidates.

Date: Thursday, August 16th
Time: 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Location: Director’s Tent - Missouri State Fair Grounds
Main Gate Entrance - 16th Street

There will be plenty of coffee and donuts to go around, and all volunteers will be given a t-shirt to wear at the event.

If you’re interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Chris Vas at (573) 636-3146 or

We hope to see you in August!

Chris Vas
Field Director
Missouri Republican Party

BBQ Dinner at the Cider House to benefit Vicki Hartzler for Congress

American History in 90 Minutes
Anders Odegard

An Excerpt

The U.S. Constitution is the Foundation
upon which our Great Nation is Built.

The 1776 Declaration of Independence marked the birth of a new nation. This birth brought a whole new host of questions to the forefront. What form of government would lead this new nation? Would this new entity take the form of one united nation or several independent nations? The resolution of these questions was made all the more urgent by the fact that the survival of the young nation hinged on its ability to defeat a European superpower in war.

The Continental Congress served as the federal government of the colonies (states) during the War of Independence. After independence was declared in the summer of 1776, it was decided that the role of the federal government should be defined more clearly. In March 1781, the Articles of Confederation were adopted.

The Articles of Confederation: The Articles of Confederation documented the rights and duties of the federal government. The federal government was to be run by the Congress, in which each of the states had one vote. The Congress had the right to vote on matters such as declaring war, negotiating treaties with other nations, and borrowing money. However, Congress was not given the power to levy taxes, to regulate domestic or international trade, or to enforce its own laws. The Articles of Confederation, in fact, provided for a very weak federal government. This weakness was by design. The colonists feared that establishing a strong, centralized government would bring back the same kind of tyranny, albeit in a different form, which they had experienced with the British.

The Articles of Confederation sufficed during the war. The largely autonomous states were united by the wrath they shared for a common enemy. Each state, more or less, did its part voluntarily to contribute to the war effort.

However, united in war, the states grew increasingly divided in peace. States became embroiled in border disputes with each other. They enacted tariffs on interstate trade which hindered commerce and resulted in post-war economic stagnation. The states quit contributing funds to the federal government. Unable to raise taxes on its own, Congress could not support its army. Also lacking a strong central government, the United States was unable to conduct effective foreign policy.

Shays' Rebellion: To pay off its war debts, Massachusetts implemented large increases in its property taxes following the war. These taxes were particularly hard on the state's many small farmers who were already being hurt by the weakeconomy. Those who were unable to pay their taxes and other debts faced the possibility of having their farms repossessed. These small farmers, many of whom had fought in the War of Independence, grew angry. They had not worked this hard and fought a war for the privilege of becoming homeless. In the autumn of 1786 the farmers began to organize. In January 1787, over 1,000 farmers led by army veteran Daniel Shays stormed the arsenal at Springfield, Massachusetts.

What could have developed into civil war in Massachusetts was easily squelched by the state militia. Those identified as leaders of the rebellion were tried, convicted, and then pardoned by a state legislature which had become sympathetic with their concerns. As a result of the rebellion, laws were changed to help alleviate the plight of the Massachusetts farmers.

More importantly, Shays' Rebellion caused Americans to begin thinking about law and order. Although the rebellion was successfully put down by the state militia, people questioned as to whether future rebellions in other states could be halted so easily. If civil war broke out in one state, would it spread to neighboring states? Also, if the individual states had trouble keeping the peace locally, what chance would they have of warding off an attack from another nation such as Spain, France, or Britain?

The Constitutional Convention: Americans grew to realize that their survival depended upon establishing a stronger central government, one which could keep order and provide for the common defense. In May 1787, delegates from the states met in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention. Presided over by George Washington, the delegates assumed the monumental task of designing a new federal government.

The delegates met for four straight months, during which time they brainstormed, presented their ideas, argued, and compromised. Finally, on September 17, 1787, the delegates signed the final draft of the Constitution. The delegates, who had conducted their meetings with the utmost secrecy, were now ready to present the fruits of their labor to the American public.

The Constitution: The Constitution defined the duties and limitations of the new federal government. It provided for three branches of government: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Each branch would operate independently and have certain checks on the powers granted to the otherbranches. For example, only the legislative branch would have the ability to pass laws, but the executive branch could veto laws passed by the legislative branch, and the judicial branch could rule laws unconstitutional (an implied power). In turn, the legislative branch would have the power to remove the head of the executive branch, the President, or any judge in the judicial branch through the power of impeachment. In the eyes of the architects of the Constitution, this system of checks and balances would prevent any one branch of the federal government from growing too powerful.

The Constitution also defined the relationship between the federal government and the states. Under the Articles of Confederation, each state had the right to regulate and tax interstate and foreign trade. The Constitution stipulated that these rights be taken away from the states and given to the new federal government. The states would also lose their right to print money. The states would retain most of their rights to regulate intrastate activities, provided their actions did not contradict the Constitution.

The Connecticut Compromise: In return for turning over many of their powers to the new federal government, the states would select who served in this government. A major point of controversy in the Constitutional Convention was the degree of representation each state would receive. The less populous states wanted each state to have equal representation. Predictably, the more populous states desired proportional representation based on population. The Connecticut Compromise addressed the concerns of both parties by providing for two bodies of Congress. In one, the House of Representatives, each state would be allotted seats based on population. For example, a state with five times the population of another would receive five times the number of congressional seats. In the other legislative body, the Senate, states would be allotted two seats each, regardless of population. The head of the executive branch, the President, would be elected by the states, with each state having the number of electoral votes equal to its total number of senators and representatives. Presidents would serve four-year terms. An indecisive Presidential election would result in the House of Representatives electing the President.

The Three-Fifths Compromise: Many of the northern delegates to the Constitutional Convention wanted to use the document to outlaw slavery throughout the states. The southern delegates made it clear that they would not be part of a Union in which the right of individuals to own slaves was abridged.Consequently, language was included in the Constitution which protected the property rights of slaveholders. Additionally, since slaves constituted a substantial portion of the southern population, the southern delegates demanded that slaves be counted in the census for the purpose of awarding seats in the House of Representatives. The Northerners, arguing that the Southerners themselves considered slaves as property, believed slaves should not be counted. In the end the two sides compromised, agreeing to count each slave as three-fifths of a person when determining the population of a given state for allotting House seats. Ironically and disgustingly, by their mere existence, southern slaves helped to bolster the political power of their owners, power their owners would use to ensure these slaves would remain slaves well into the future.

Suffrage Rights: The U.S. Constitution remained silent as to who would be allowed to participate in the electoral process, preferring to leave this issue to the individual states. As a result, white males, who dominated the state governments in the late 1780s, continued to extend the right of suffrage to their fellow white males. Black men would not be enfranchised with the vote until the latter half of the nineteenth century. Women, black or white, would not be guaranteed the right to vote until 1920.

The Amendment Process: The writers of the Constitution wisely realized that its survival would depend on its ability to adapt to the times. Consequently, a mechanism was outlined in Article V of the Constitution by which amendments could be made to the Constitution. Approval of at least 75% of the states in the nation are required to ratify any amendment to the Constitution. The amendment process was designed to be arduous in order to dissuade the passage of trivial amendments. However, if it became clear to the people of the United States that a change in the Constitution was necessary, that change could be made without discarding the entire document.

The Bill of Rights: One weakness of the U.S. Constitution was that it was largely silent on issues of individual rights and freedoms. The drafters of the Constitution intended originally for such issues to be left to the individual states. However, when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention went out to sell their document to the American public, it became clear the public wanted certain individual liberties guaranteed at the federal level.

In 1789 Virginian James Madison proposed twelve amendments to the Constitution. Of these, ten were ratified. These first ten amendments to the U.S.Constitution became known as the Bill of Rights. The individual liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights are summarized as follows:
  • First Amendment: Freedom of religion, speech, and the press. Individuals have the right to assemble peaceably and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
  • Second Amendment: The right to keep and bear arms.
  • Third Amendment: Freedom from having troops quartered in one's home.
  • Fourth Amendment: Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.
  • Fifth Amendment: The right not to be denied life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The right not to be tried twice for the same offense. Exempts individual from testifying against self.
  • Sixth Amendment: The right to a speedy, public trial. The right to be informed of charges pending. The right to defense counsel and to call witnesses on one's behalf. The right to face accusers.
  • Seventh Amendment: The right to trial by jury.
  • Eighth Amendment: Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Ninth Amendment: Provides for individual rights not explicitly stated in the Constitution.
  • Tenth Amendment: Powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved for the states and the people.
In June 1788, the Constitution was adopted as the law of the land. The Bill of Rights was added in 1791. Elections were held in early 1789. In April 1789, the newly elected representatives, senators, and the nation's first President, George Washington, took their places in the capital of the United States, New York City.

Remember, You Must REGISTER TO VOTE by JULY 11 In Order To Vote In The Primary on August 7th!
This form can be mailed or dropped off to the County Clerk's Office.

If you will be unable to be physically present to vote August 7th or November 6, you can request an Absentee Ballot HERE.

Congressman Devin Nunes


Fellow Conservative, I'll be frank. It's hard to be a conservative in Congress right now.

Radical leftists like Maxine Waters are calling for the persecution of and discrimination against conservative leaders.

It's clear they don't respect me or my fellow conservatives in Congress.

They know their chance at taking back the majority is fading fast, so they resort to desperate measures. The more I push for transparency and uncover truth, the more intense their attacks against me. 

Their intimidation tactics don't scare me.

Rather, it motivates me to keep digging and keep working for the American people.

Conservatives have the chance to solidify our leadership in the Capitol and send a message to the radical left. They think our country is shifting drastically to the left, but that's just wishful thinking.

The numbers show that our people want, appreciate, and support conservative leadership for America.

Most Americans reject the Left's agenda. As liberals grow more extreme in their ideals, Americans are feeling left behind and unheard by Democrats in office.

That's why the common sense policies of conservative leaders are appealing, but our vision cannot prevail without the hard work of dedicated activists like you.

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Congressman Devin Nunes

A clash between two inimical worldviews is taking place in America: Biblical Christianity vs. secular humanism. In order to dominate, secular humanists had to find a way to exercise complete control over the five levers of cultural influence: spiritual, intellectual, educational, economical and vocational.

Secular lawyers can be unflaggingly persistent as well as ruthlessly devious. They determined that to banish the Judeo-Christian culture from the public square, the Bible had to be expunged from public education first. Theological principles and debate then could be relegated to the recesses of the conscience, and safely lodged behind the four walls of the church. As a consequence, public education, higher learning and academia have become ever-more intertwined with the state.

It was completely different in the 17th and 18th centuries. Public education and higher learning “had its roots in American Protestantism, in fact 106 of the 108 colleges were distinctly Christian. It was while the First Amendment was passed, requiring all new states entering the Union to have education systems in place emphasizing the teaching of both religion and morality.” (1)

Someone’s morality will be legislated and someone’s philosophy will be taught in public schools and universities, “for those who govern the minds of the young, direct the course of the future of civilization.” (2) For this reason, under the influence of pagan Secularism, the culture has become gruff, debauched and vitriolic over the last 75 years.

Corporate Christianity should have countered Secularism’s attack by going full tilt to where the battle was fiercest, engaging the hard fight in the public square. While increasingly moving into the meetinghouse seemed good strategy at the time, it has been shortsighted and ineffectual. With Christian retreat from the public square, Western culture is rushing headlong into apostasy from the Triune God.

Christianity today hardly resembles the muscular faith, honed by persecution, that arrived at America’s shores. Modern Christendom has near zero impact in the culture as it has become progressively esoteric and academic. It has been reduced to a subculture. 
The Southern Baptist Convention had its annual meeting last week in Dallas.

Progressive liberals have no intention of letting up. Take Hillary Clinton’s homily last week over Congress’s inaction at the southern border. “Those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of Christianity … [Jesus] did not say, ‘Let the children suffer’,” she pontificated. (

Indeed, Jesus did not say that. The Greek word ‘ἄφετε’ is used, which translates as ‘let’, as in “Let the little children, and do not forbid them …” Jesus is saying, allow and do not forbid children from learning my teachings. Yet, forbidden they are in public education by the law established in 1963 by nine unelected and unaccountable Justices. This is diametrically opposed to the intention and foundation laid down by the American Founders.

Hillary Clinton employed the use of a Bible verse totally out of context to make a ‘policy’ argument. This shows one of several things about her. Either she is: (1) Biblically illiterate, (2) duplicitous, or (3) both; you choose.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC Anchor and Business Correspondent Ali Velshi also took to the Good Book. ( Mr. Velshi, being a Muslim, obviously does not understand that cherry-picking a few selected verses from the Bible does not convey the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings.

In his Gleanings from Joshua(3), A.W. Pink writes: “The deception which the Gibeonites practiced upon them illustrates the dual character in which Satan opposes the people of God and the methods he employs therein - as the roaring lion seeking to devour, as the subtle serpent using deceit. Both Scriptural and ecclesiastical history demonstrate that the latter is far more dangerous and successful than the former. When open persecution fails either to exterminate or intimidate the faithful,” (read: Obama Administration) “Satan resorts to his secret wiles.” (read: Hillary Clinton and Ali Velshi)

If America is to survive, Evangelical pastors and pews must take their civic skills to the next level. We were granted a reprieve with President Trump. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have set back America for a century by, among others, stacking the Courts with godless progressives. Would we even have survived, keeping in mind that the loss of religious liberty, the loss of the right to keep and bear arms, and President Obama’s transgender military policy were just the warm-up acts?

Pastors must begin to comprehend that religious liberty will be won by participating in political action, in addition to Sunday sermons. A Sunday sermon is not a denomination of political currency. Mustering and marshaling parishioners to the public square is. The teaching of the whole counsel of God in America’s pulpits, the resurrection of prayer in America’s churches, and Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians bringing Biblical values to the public square will determine if America remains free.

If successful, history will declare that the early 21st century was one of the most momentous periods in HisStory since the 16th-century Protestant Reformation.

Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.

David Lane
American Renewal Project

(1) Arthur W. Hunt III, The Vanishing Word
(2) Joseph Boot, The Mission of God: A Manifesto Of Hope For Society
(3) Joshua 9:1-4


There's been a lot of talk lately about who has the best grassroots program, but there's only one team that's been knocking on doors and talking to voters from day one, and that's Team MOGOP.

Our network of field directors, field organizers, and volunteers have been out in their communities tirelessly talking to voters, on weekdays and weekends, to ensure that the conservative message is spread to all corners of Missouri.

This cycle, Team MOGOP:

💥 Knocked on over 70,000 doors

💥 Made over 115,000 phone calls

💥 Held 41 Republican Leadership Initiative trainings

💥 Made over 40,000 recruitment calls

And we're not even close to being done yet. But to continue our grassroots success, we need help from YOU. 

Sign up below to join the Republican Leadership Initiative and volunteer in your area, and be sure to join us at any of our locations across the state for our National Day of Action on June 16th.

With your help, we can continue our grassroots momentum, elect Republicans up and down the ballot, and fire Claire in November!

 - Alex Meyer
   State Director

Cass County Clerk
102 East Wall * Harrisonville, Missouri 64701
816/380-8102 * Fax: 816/380-8101
Michael Vinck
Post Date: 5/17/18

This is an official notice that the Cass County Election Authority will be holding a public testing of the voting election equipment per Missouri State Statute RSMo 115.233.1  This testing will be held on Tuesday, July 24 2018 at 8:30 AM at the Historic Court House, 102 E Wall St. Harrisonville, Mo.  The public is welcome to observe this testing.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Election Authority at 816-380-8102.

Upcoming Cass County Campaign Opportunities


7/10-15 - Cass County Fair (Pleasant Hill)

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9/1 - Cleveland Parade

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9/15 - Freeman Parade

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9/20-22 - Garden City Fall Festival & Parade

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9/20-22 - Raymore Festival in the Park

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9/22 - Archie Fall Festival & Parade

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9/29 - Austin Bean Eatin’

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10/5-6 - Burnt District Festival & Parade (Harrisonville)

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Never Mind Fox.  Trump's Most Reliable Media Mouthpiece Is Now Christian TV.

When ‘Huckabee’ made its debut on TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] last fall, it immediately became the network’s highest-rated show, with more than a million viewers for a typical episode. 

America is smack-dab in the middle of a ‘cultural civil war’

"The name of Christians being extinguished"

Nothing could be further from the truth than what comes across as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. In reality, two distinct and immutable religions - Christianity and Secularism - are vying for ideological supremacy in the public square. A better labeling would read: America is smack-dab in the middle of a ‘cultural civil war’. Eventually, one worldview will triumph over the other.

This is by no means a new historical phenomenon, as Spurgeon informs us:

“A medal was struck by Diocletian, which still remains, bearing the inscription, ‘The name of Christians being extinguished’. And in Spain, [a] monumental pillar [was] raised, on which [was] written: ‘Diocletian Jovian Maximian Herculeus Caesares Augusti, for having adopted Galerius in the east, for having everywhere abolished the superstition of Christ, for having extended the worship of the gods.’ As a modern writer has elegantly observed: ‘We have here a monument raised by Paganism, over the grave of its vanquished foe. But in this ‘the people imagined a vain thing’; so far from being deceased, Christianity was on the eve of its final and permanent triumph, and the stone guarded a sepulcher empty as the urn that Electra washed with her tears. Neither in Spain, nor elsewhere, can be pointed out the burial place of Christianity; it is not, for the living have no tomb.’” [1]

Modern Christendom is inclined to blame “humanists, pagans and Muslims, Marxists or other groups for the state of our culture and its idolatrous turn, but God calls His people to first take a long hard look at themselves in accounting for the decline of our social order.” [2]

America’s Founders understood the basic fact that virtue and liberty are inseparably linked, and that freedom “cannot long be preserved in the absence of virtue among the people and their representatives.” [3]
Liberty depends upon virtue, and virtue depends upon Christianity.

These truths have now been stripped from government-controlled education. Christians have surrendered the ministry of civil government to secularists, who are in rebellion against God. Secularism has brought to bear its own religious, ethical, and political doctrines in America.[4]

Under the influence of pietism the scope of spiritual engagement in America has been reduced to “his or her personal life, family life, and the affairs of the church as an ecclesiastical organization.” [5] No wonder that Secularism managed to hijack the Founders’ master plan.

Americans want God’s help, but not His holiness. The nation reckons that it is useful to have God on its side. To honor God, to all appearances, we attend church on Christmas and Easter, say a prayer for the right parking spot, or ask the pastor to bless a marriage or a new home. But what we really want is a God who will help us to get our own way. We call for a God to help us getting things done, as long as we can keep our own views and live our own lives. [6]

As a result, America has reached a tipping point as God is beginning to assign His time-tested veterans to the front ranks. This battle for the Soul of America will unfold over the next thirty years, and God’s plans are not transparent.

A.W. Pink describes the spirit and training of those whom God is moving to the frontlines. [7]

“It is this very loneliness of the saint that serves to make manifest the genuineness of his faith. There is nothing remarkable in one believing what all his associates believe, but to have faith when surrounded by skeptics, is something noteworthy. To stand alone, to be the solitary champion of a righteous cause when all others are federated unto evil, is a rare sight. Yet such was Rahab. There were none in Jericho with whom she could have fellowship, none there to encourage her heart and strengthen her hands by their godly counsel and example: all the more opportunity for her to prove the sufficiency of Divine grace! Scan slowly the list presented in Hebrews 11, and then recall the recorded circumstances of each. With whom did Abel, Enoch, Noah have spiritual communion? From what brethren did Joseph, Moses, Gideon receive any help along the way? Who were the ones who encouraged and emboldened Elijah, Daniel, Nehemiah? Then think it not strange that you are called to walk almost if not entirely alone, that you meet with scarcely any like-minded or any who are capable of giving you a lift along the road.”
Secularism’s destruction of America’s once Biblically-based culture can be counteracted by: 

• Reestablishing prayer in America’s churches, led by the senior pastor.
• Men and Women of Issachar running for local office: city council, school board, parks and recreation, etc. 
[Please note that filing deadlines in many parts of the country takes place in June. Pastors who don’t feel called to run are requested to recruit a member of their congregation.]

Gideons and Rahabs are now moving toward the civil government frontline. “It will require courage, fortitude and unwavering biblical faithfulness to rouse the church again to her mission in a generation that has lost its way in idolatry, and where a many prophet and priest have said ‘peace peace, when there is no peace’ (Jeremiah 6:14).” [8]

David Lane
American Renewal Project

[1] The Treasury of David, Charles H. Spurgeon
[2-3] Joseph Boot, The Mission of God, A Manifesto Of Hope For Society
[4] Archie P. Jones, Foreward to The Christian Life and Character Of The Civil Institutions Of The United States, Benjamin F. Morris, 1864
[5] Boot, The Mission of God
[6] Keith Krell, 1 Samuel
[7] A.W. Pink, Gleanings From Joshua
[8] Boot, The Mission of God

What Were They Smoking?

Press Release 

For Immediate Release

March 27, 2018


Contact: Rick Brattin



Rick Brattin Announces Candidacy for Auditor of Cass County


Harrisonville, MO – Today State Representative Rick Brattin filed to run for Cass County Auditor. Brattin, who is term-limited, has served the citizens of Cass County in the State Legislature since he was first elected in 2010 after defeating a popular democratic incumbent in the upset of the cycle. 


Brattin was re-elected again in 2012, 2014, and 2016 when he defeated his last democratic challenger by a decisive 26.7% margin. 


“It has been the honor of my life to serve Cass Countians in the Missouri Legislature. Together we have defended family values, fought to expand our Second Amendment Rights, and worked hard to make government more accountable to the people. Now we are bringing our fight home to make sure the government of Cass County is transparent and accountable to its citizens,” said Rick Brattin. 


As a state representative, Rick Brattin developed a reputation for being a principled, hardworking, common sense conservative. He serves as Chairman of the Special Committee on Government Oversight which focuses on making government more transparent, efficient, and accountable to the people. 


Brattin is a founding member of the Missouri House Conservative Caucus where he also serves as its vice-chairman. To earn membership in the Conservative Caucus, representatives must have a consistent, Constitutionally conservative voting record in the Legislature. With the votes to back it up, Representative Brattin has a well-earned reputation as a rock-ribbed conservative fighter.


In 2016, Rick took a stand for his constituents in Allendale Lake Meadows. The residents of the entire subdivision were being double taxed. Representative Brattin acted immediately to end the abusive taxation of his constituents.


“As your next Cass County Auditor one of my first missions will be to create the Cass County Transparency Portal so citizens can easily see how government is spending their money. I will work hard to ensure every taxpayer dollar is being spent efficiently. I will go out of my way to discover and destroy wasteful spending and potential fraud. As a Marine, voters can be assured that the taxpayers will have no better friend, and the tax and spend politicians will have no greater enemy. I am looking forward to meeting with voters over the course of a vigorous campaign to discuss our vision for making sure that the government of Cass County is held accountable to the people it’s supposed to serve.”


Rick Brattin is an entrepreneur and small business owner. He is a craftsmen and expert carpenter. Rick is married to the love of his life, Athena and together they have five children. Both are committed evangelical Christians and are active members of Abundant Life Baptist Church, where they provide youth ministry. They live on their family farm outside of Harrisonville. Rick is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and is passionate about the Second Amendment. He is active in the community helping with his children’s school activities as well as various other service projects and missionary outreach. Rick is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. 



Press Release

For Immediate Release
March 27, 2018

Mike Haffner

Mike Haffner, a career U.S. Navy F/A-18 fighter pilot and owner of Pumpkins and Pines, files to replace Brattin

Raymore, MO – Veteran, local businessman, and farmer Mike Haffner filed today as a Republican candidate for the Missouri State House of Representatives in the 55th Legislative District. Due to current State Rep. Rick Brattin being term-limited the seat is open for the 2018 election cycle.

Haffner stated, “I am excited to announce my candidacy for the 55th Legislative District. Service is a part of who I am. For twenty years I served this great country as an F/A-18 fighter pilot and commanding officer of an F/A-18 Hornet squadron in the United States Navy. This is a tremendous opportunity to continue serving the people of Cass County who I have gotten to know very well throughout the years as the owner-operator of Pumpkins and Pines Christmas Tree Farm. I promise to bring the same level of leadership, skill, and determination that brought me safely through three combat deployments, to the people of the 55th District.”

This is Haffner’s first time running for public office. He retired from the U.S. Navy as a Commander after twenty years of service flying the A-6 Intruder as well as the F/A-18 Hornet and serving as the commanding officer of an F/A-18 Squadron. His tenure in the Navy included three combat deployments and numerous individual combat awards including the Distinguished Flying Cross. As the Commanding Officer of an F/A-18 squadron he led his command through an arduous extended combat deployment. He also flew combat air patrols in the skies over New York City immediately after September 11.


AI System Can Recognize a Person’s Sex Based Only On Their Smile

Walter Seeks New Opportunity to Serve the Community as County Clerk

By Lauren Votava

Freelance Writer

With the current County Clerk running for State office in 2018 this opens up an opportunity for advancementWalter, is currently Chief Deputy Clerk in the County Clerk’s office and serves as the Republican Central Committee Chairwoman for precinct 23 in Pleasant Hill. Walter now desires to further serve her community as County Clerk. “I love taking care of people, and I will continue caring for people as County Clerk,” says Walter.

Walter is committed to helping others and improving the community. In 2016, she organized a barrel race fundraiser that generated $1200 in donations for Children’s Cancer Research. In her own neighborhood, she and her husband aid the elderly. They tend a large garden which they share with those who can no longer plant. They also have a bobcat, which they use to remove snow from the elderly’s driveways in the winter.

Through her efforts to improve her community, Ruth Walter has gained valuable skills and experience that she will bring to the office of County Clerk. As a past President of the Midwest Barrel Racing Association, she helped raise over $11,000 dollars to buy year-end awards for members and saddles for top performers. Walter was also a member of Missouri State High School Athletic Association for eight years. During her first year as a basketball official, she officiated for Pleasant Hill Parks and Recreation free of charge to ensure that the funding would go back into the organization. Her leadership roles demonstrate that she has the drive and determination necessary to serve Cass County. “You would say I’m a little old fashion, when I say I am going to do something, my word is good. I am not afraid of hard work,” says Walter.

Ruth Walter grew up in Lone Jack, Missouri, in a large Catholic family with 15 siblings. After graduating High School in 1978, she attended Longview Community College, followed by the University of Phoenix where she earned an Associate in Arts with a concentration in Business Fundamentals. She and her husband, Steve, have been together for 39 years, and they live on a 13-acre farm in Pleasant Hill. Together they have raised three children, and they now have ten grandchildren. “Spending time with my family is by far the most rewarding part of my life,” says Walter.

Walter is deeply devoted to the Lord, to her family, and to the county where she has lived for 29 years. She will carry that devotion and love into the office of County Clerk, and looks forward to further serving her community.

Like Walter on Facebook @Ruth Walter for Cass County Clerk, or email


We Would Like To Thank The Following 

For Their Generous Donations

Tom Circo Insurance

Loren & Ruth Joan Cox

Dwight E. Diehl

Chris Molendorp Management

Derek R & Tasha Moorehead

Austin Petersen for US Senate

James & Carol Welborn

Robert & Joene Lundy

Howell for Judge

Citizens for Ed Emery

Jackie Henson-Larson

Paul & Jennifer Spena

Stephen & Valerie Reilly

Steven & Betty Breshears

Steve & Melany Martens

Friends for Mike Vinck

Vicky  & Lowell Hartzler

Friends of Rick Brattin

Jeffrey Cox

Noe's Jewelry Inc

Citizens for Donna Pfautsch

Bondon for Missouri

Chris & Janice Patterson

John & Mary Webb

PRESS RELEASE – January 22, 2018

York Announces Re-Election Campaign

Cass County Circuit Clerk Kim York recently announced that she is running for re-election in the 2018 election cycle. A Republican, York was elected Circuit Clerk in 2014 for a four-year term beginning in January 2015.

“I think we’ve accomplished some great things in the Circuit Clerk’s office over the last three years, and I look forward to the opportunity to build on our success and continue moving in a positive direction,” stated York.

As Circuit Clerk, York manages an office of over twenty employees and serves as the administrator and financial officer of the Circuit Court. York says she has brought stability to the office, and her primary accomplishments include improving efficiency, reducing employee turnover, and providing better customer service to the public. York also serves on several state-wide judicial work groups tasked with automating and improving court processes such as jury management.

York has served on the Raymore-Peculiar School Board since 2010, periodically being chosen by the Board to serve as President. York is also a member of the Raymore-Peculiar Public School Foundation Board.

York is a graduate of Harrisonville High School, and holds a Bachelors of Accountancy from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Kansas.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), York was previously an auditor for Arthur Anderson & Co. and has held positions in budgeting and financial analysis for companies such as La Petite and Sprint.

York resides in Raymore with her daughters Hannah, 14, and Maya, 11.

More information about Kim York’s re-election campaign can be obtained via email at or on facebook. 

December 14 was a great day for freedom, and for an America unfettered by harmful Obama era regulations.

As opponents of the Obama-era regulations, the Republican Party is happy to go back to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, declaring it “the policy of the United States” that the Internet — including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and websites — should “remain unfettered from Federal or State regulation” to preserve the U.S.’s position as the global leader in technological innovation. Should certain ISPs try to charge different rates for slower and faster services or engage in other “discriminatory” practices in network management, content, and pricing, the marketplace can react accordingly, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), meanwhile, will still be empowered to regulate anti-competitive or anti-consumer behavior, stepping in when Internet companies make promises to provide a service that they do not keep.

The internet is not, as liberals put it, "completely unregulated"! They believe that anything short of full government regulation amounts to a “crisis” of Internet access and “equality/neutrality.”

Let’s keep the internet free, and let the free market do its job! 

Pro-Life Group Is Looking For Field Representatives

The Susan B Anthony List is now hiring Field Representatives to canvas.  This position is for between 20-40 hours per week, and in addition to the profound blessing of helping make an important difference in our nation, the organization is able to pay $10/hour, and compensate 30 cents/ mile for needed driving in the area. You will need either an Android or iPhone, and show current insurance on the car you will use.   We have recently begun contacting voters at their doors in Missouri, as well as Florida, Ohio, & Indiana.  This important effort will be ongoing through Nov. of 2018.
If you are interested, please contact Nola Woods, the Field Director for the KC Region, at .

Cox Forms Judge Committee For 2018
Cass County Presiding Com
missioner Jeff Cox has formed a campaign committee for the purpose of running for Division 5 Associate Circuit Judge in the 2018 election cycle. Current Division 5 Judge Daniel Olsen is not seeking re-election after serving out his current term due to retirement.

“I have always considered Dan Olsen to be the gold standard of what we all expect a judge to be. His knowledge, integrity and work ethic are beyond reproach,” said Cox. “While I regret to see him leave the bench in 2019, I am also very excited about the upcoming campaign and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the citizens of Cass County in this new capacity.”

A Republican, Cox was elected to a partial two-year term as Presiding Commissioner in 2012 and re-elected to a full four-year term in 2014.

Prior to joining the Cass County Commission, Cox served on the Raymore City Council from 2007 to 2012. He also served a term as the attorney member of the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board from 2006 to 2009.

An attorney, Cox is licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Kansas, and has owned and operated Cox Law Office, LLC, in Raymore since 2003. Prior to starting his law practice, he clerked for the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office and for the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Western District of Missouri.

Cox grew up in Cass County, and after graduating from Raymore-Peculiar High School in 1993, he went on to earn bachelor’s degrees in political science and philosophy from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“I think we’ve been very fortunate to have a great group of judges working on our behalf here in Cass County,” stated Cox. “I look forward to continuing that tradition in the years to come and providing our citizens with the top-quality service they have come to depend on from our courts.”

More information about Cox’s campaign for Associate Circuit Judge can be found online at, via email at, or by calling 816-322-5037.

Did You Know?

A History Lesson on Your Social Security Card

Just in case some of you didn’t know this. It's easy to 
check out, if you don't believe it. Be sure and show 
it to your family and friends. They need a little history 
lesson on what's what and it doesn't matter whether 
you are Democrat or Republican Facts are Facts.

Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated 
the number and card were not to be used for identification 
purposes. Since nearly everyone in the United States now 
has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway 
and the message, NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION, was removed. 

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social 
Security (FICA) Program. He promised: 

1.) That participation in the Program would be 
Completely voluntary, 

No longer Voluntary 

2.) That the participants would only have to pay 
1% of the first $1,400 of their annual 
Incomes into the Program

Now 7.65% on the first $90,000 

3.) That the money the participants elected to put 
into the Program would be deductible from 
their income for tax purposes each year,

No longer tax deductible 

4.) That the money the participants put into the 
independent 'Trust Fund'
 rather than into the 
general operating fund, and therefore, would 
only be used to fund the Social Security 
Retirement Program, and no other 
Government program, and, 

Under Johnson the money was moved to 
The General Fund and Spent 

5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never 

be taxed as income. 

Under Clinton & Gore 
Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed 

Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are 
now receiving a Social Security check every month -- 
and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of 
the money we 
paid to the Federal government to 'put 
away' -- 
you may be interested in the following: 

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---- 

Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the 
independent 'Trust Fund' and put it into the 
general fund so that Congress could spend it? 

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the democratically 
controlled House and Senate. 

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -- 

Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax 
deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding? 

A: The Democratic Party. 

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----- 

Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social 
Security annuities? 

A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting
'tie-breaking' deciding vote
 as President of the 
Senate, while he was Vice President of the US 

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- - 

Q: Which Political Party decided to start
giving annuity payments to immigrants? 

A: That's right! 

Jimmy Carter
 and the Democratic Party. 
Immigrants moved into this country, and at age 65, 
began to receive Social Security payments! The 
Democratic Party gave these payments to them, 
even though they never paid a dime into it! 

------------ -- ------------ --------- ----- ------------ --------- --------- 

Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), 
the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans 

want to take your Social Security away! 

And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it! 

If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of 
awareness will be planted and maybe changes will 
But it's worth a try.
How many people can YOU send this to? 

Actions speak louder than bumper stickers

Closing This Chapter on Barack Obama

As we close the chapter and book on President Barack Hussein Obama's stewardship of America, one has to ask, "What has political correctness, multiculturalism, and secularism wrought in America?"

A democratic republic, in which ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens, is viable only if people can, on the whole, rely on our elected officials to tell the truth. I have nothing to add to what I've written over the last eight years on President Obama, so I'll end with this memorable insight from Mark Steyn:

Courtesy of David Maraniss' new book, we now know that yet another key prop of Barack Obama's identity is false: His Kenyan grandfather was not brutally tortured or even non-brutally detained by his British colonial masters. The composite gram'pa joins an ever-swelling cast of characters from Barack's "memoir" who, to put it discreetly, differ somewhat in reality from their bit parts in the grand Obama narrative. The best friend at school portrayed in Obama's autobiography as "a symbol of young blackness" was, in fact, half Japanese, and not a close friend. The white girlfriend he took to an off-Broadway play that prompted an angry post-show exchange about race never saw the play, dated Obama in an entirely different time zone, and had no such world-historically significant conversation with him. His Indonesian step-grandfather, supposedly killed by Dutch soldiers during his people's valiant struggle against colonialism, met his actual demise when he "fell off a chair at his home while trying to hang drapes."

Wisdom (practical, and by extension ethical) is required now as we clean up the mess left by Obama and his subordinates; and the secularists who came before them.

The disintegration of this once Biblical-based culture - established by the Founders - has resulted in the desolation and demise of a nation founded by missionaries and Gospel-minded colonists who wrote words like this: "We do hereby Dedicate this Land, and ourselves, to reach the People within these shores with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to raise up Godly generations after us, and with these generations take the Kingdom of God to all the earth. May this Covenant of Dedication remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains..."**

The Bible formed the principal component of education in America for three centuries. Biblically informed minds know that the fear of God in one's conscience is the only thing that keeps a person honest, honorable, and doing right when no one is watching.
In 1963, secular U.S. Supreme Court Justices established a false religion - Secularism - as the official religion of America. That decision led lone dissenting Justice Potter Stewart to pen, "It [the decision to remove the Bible from public schools] led not to true neutrality with respect to religion, but to the establishment of a religion of secularism." Potter was prophetic.

If Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians have any interest in reclaiming a Biblical-based culture, then restoring local control of public education is compulsory.
"If the culture's liberal, if the schools are liberal, if the churches are liberal, if the hip, groovy business elite is liberal, if the guys who make the movies and the pop songs are liberal, then electing a guy with an 'R' after his name isn't going to make a lot of difference." -Mark Steyn

Madonna's performance Saturday at the Women's March in Washington, DC, brought to mind Abraham Lincoln's Young Men's Lyceum speech in January 1838. Lincoln said:
"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
Or as my friend Os Guinness wrote:
"The free people of the American republic, who also happen to be citizens of the modern world's sole superpower, have no one to blame and nothing to fear but themselves. There is no question about the earlier menace of the Nazis and Communists, and now Islamic extremists, but in the end the ultimate threat to the American republic will be Americans. The problem is not wolves at the door but termites in the floor. Powerful free people die only by their own hand, and free people have no one to blame but themselves. What the world seems fascinated to watch but powerless to stop is the spectacle of a free people's suicide."***
Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians have sat idly by for the last century, as with public education, and allowed secularists to hold sway over the most important aspects of American society - media, public education, higher learning, Big Business, Fortune 500, the Supreme Court, Federal Courts, and Hollywood - they must be dislodged if America is to survive.

Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.

David Lane
American Renewal Project

*The [Un]documented Mark Steyn
** Founder Robert Hunt, Jamestown 1607
*** Os Guinness, A Free People's Suicide

The Classical Education of the Founding Fathers.

July 4, 2015

Much has been said and written about the Greek influences on the founding of the United States. Entire books have been written on the topic, including the best known Greeks & Romans Bearing Gifts: How the Ancients Inspired the Founding Fathers by Carl J. Richard.

John Adams would often use Greek words in his letters to Thomas Jefferson, who admired many aspects of the Ancient Greeks. He could read and speak the language fluently.

When Alexander Hamilton entered King’s College (now Columbia University) in 1773, he was expected to already have a mastery of Greek and Latin grammar, be able to read three orations from Cicero and Virgil’s Aeneid in the original Latin, and be able to translate the first ten chapters of the Gospel of John from Greek into Latin.

When James Madison applied at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton), he was expected to be able to “write Latin prose, translate Virgil, Cicero, and the Greek gospels and [to have]a commensurate knowledge of Latin and Greek grammar.” Even before he entered, however, he had already read Vergil, Horace, Justinian, Nepos, Caesar, Tacitus, Lucretius, Eutropius, Phaedrus, Herodotus, Thucydides, and Plato.

The study of Latin and Greek, which is what the term “classical education” originally implied, was not something the American Founding Fathers learned in college, but something they were expected to know before they got there.

The founders knew these writers and quoted them prolifically. Their letters, in particular, display a wide familiarity with classical authors. The correspondence between educated men of the time was commonly sprinkled with classical quotations, usually in the original Latin or Greek. It was not only prevalent, but apparently sometimes annoying to the recipient. Jefferson used so many Greek quotes in his letters to Adams (who liked Latin better than Greek) that, on one occasion, Adams complained to him about it.

It is a well-known fact that literacy was prevalent in colonial times. “A native of America who cannot read or write,” said John Adams, “is as rare an appearance…as a comet or an earthquake.” It is not nearly as well-known a fact, however, that early Americans with a formal education usually knew several other languages as well as their own.

The typical education of the time began in what we would call the 3rd Grade—at about age eight. Students who actually went to school were required to learn Latin and Greek grammar and, later, to read the Latin historians Tacitus and Livy, the Greek historians Herodotus and Thucydides, and to translate the Latin poetry of Virgil and Horace. They were expected to know the language well enough to translate from the original into English and back again to the original in another grammatical tense. Classical Education also stressed the seven liberal arts: Latin, logic, rhetoric (the “trivium”), as well as arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music (the “quadrivium”).

Several of the founders, including Adams, attended Harvard. The sole academic requirements for admission to Harvard University in the 1640s were as follows: “When any scholar is able to read Tully [Cicero] or such like classical Latin author ex tempore and make and speak true Latin in verse and prose suo (ut aiunt) Marte [by his own power, as they say], and decline perfectly the paradigms of nouns and verbs in the Greek tongue, then may he be admitted into the college, nor shall any claim admission before such qualification.”

No ACT or SAT scores. No application essays. Just proof you knew Latin and Greek.

Of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 30 of them were college graduates, an astounding number for the time.

But what of those who were not college graduates, such as George Washington? Were they influenced in any way by classical education? In Washington’s case, although he had little formal education, he admired classical thinkers greatly.

Even many who had little formal education were often quite knowledgeable in classical subjects. The Virginian George Wythe, who later became known as the “Teacher of Liberty,” was educated at their backwoods home by his mother. His Greek was accounted by his contemporaries to have been perfect.

Of course there were also those opposed to the influence of the Classical languages.

There was much antipathy toward the British and some colonists— new Americans— wanted to dump the English language simply out of spite. There reportedly were a few superpatriots who argued for adopting Hebrew, French or Greek because they were the languages of God, rationality and democracy, respectively.

Although there are numerous “rumors” floating around the internet about Greek “almost” becoming the official language of the United States and the vote coming down to one Benjamin Franklin, who argued against it and casting the deciding the final “no” vote— there is nothing in US historical records to prove this, or that a vote ever took place.

But, it was discussed amongst the founding fathers, according to several written sources.

A 19th century American writer and scholar Charles Astor Bristed wrote in 1855 that there was talk amongst the founding fathers, some of whom were proposing Greek be the official American language.

“It is still on record that a legislator seriously proposed that the young republic should complete its independence by adopting a different language from that of the mother country, [like]‘the Greek for instance.’ But this proposition was summarily extinguished by a suggestion of a fellow representative (Roger Sherman of Connecticut, delegate to the Continental Congress and a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence) that “it would be more convenient for us to keep the language as it was, and make the English speak Greek.”

Bill Day passed away on Aug 27.
Long time Republican and heart of Cass Committee.
May his memory be eternal.

William "Bill" Martin Day, of Harrisonville, Missouri was born December 22, 1920 in Dexter, Missouri the son of Cecil Leroy and Katherine Pauline (Kleffer) Day. He departed this life on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the Crown Care Center, Harrisonville surrounded by love and family at the age of 95 years, 8 months and 5 days.

Bill grew up in rural Stoddard County near Dexter and came to love agriculture. Following graduation from Dexter High School in 1939, he attended the University of Missouri. He also taught rural school in 1941-42 at Garner School near Dexter. He graduated from MU with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture in 1943 and a master's degree in Education in 1953.

He met Verda Bernice Peterson his final year at the university. They had a whirlwind courtship and married on September 2, 1943. There was a wedding shower on the 4th, and Bill reported to his first job as a vocational agriculture teacher at Advance, Missouri on the 5th. That was followed by two years teaching at Washington, Missouri and then on to teaching vocational agriculture in Harrisonville beginning in 1948. He also farmed near East Lynne, Missouri before moving to Harrisonville in 1950. Following his retirement from teaching in 1967, Bill had a very successful second career selling insurance for Farm Bureau Insurance Company and as Agency Manager in Harrisonville for over 20 years.

Bill was a member of the Harrisonville United Methodist Church and taught Sunday School for many years. He was also a member of the Harrisonville Lions Club since 1955 and Past President, Cass County Republican Committee and Club, member and Past President of the Missouri Vocational Agricultures Teachers Association. Bill enjoyed many hobbies over the years. They included hunting, fishing, and camping with his family; playing softball, which he did until his 80's, gardening; and taking part in Volkswalks with Verda, which they did in all 50 states.

Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by a granddaughter, Lori Day; a brother, C. LeRoy Day and a sister, Clarabelle Coulter.

Bill is survived by his wife of nearly 73 years, Verda Day; 4 sons, Russell (Ann) of Cumming, Georgia, David (Karen) of Boonville, Missouri, Steven (Vicki) of Shawnee, Kansas and Alvin (Dixie) of Ames, Iowa; 8 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; a sister Katherine Day, Wilmington, North Carolina; other relatives and many close friends.

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